Collaborating with Clean+ Conscious companies

I’m so excited and so grateful for the opportunities that the universe is blessing me with! I love it when everything aligns perfectly and I end up manifesting even the smallest of things. For years I have been on the hunt for quality products at a great price, and are clean and effective for my family to use at home. It’s such a difficult thing if you ask me because it’s always a risk to spend a significant amount of money on what you think will be good quality and it turns out this just isn’t as effective as you would like. Then you can’t always believe the hype and get the “trusted” brands and it turns out they can’t be trusted. If you know, you know. Well, the Universe is definitely hearing me. Amen. I have received amazing products for both the kids and I.

I was able to communicate with a family owned skincare company who focus on natural ingredients and have sustainable practices. Tubby Todd Bath Co. is incredible! They sent me a complimentary Hair + Body Wash bottle to try!

Major part of motherhood is me now always looking for the best quality and best valued products for our family. Over the last couple of years I’ve been trying to transition to more natural products & avoid all the toxins. The most challenging has been actually finding companies with you and your family in mind. It’s been difficult pulling away from the most commonly used brands because that’s what everybody is using. I’m done. I vow to venture out and try new companies with important values and focus on safety and sustainability. I want to support the companies with families in mind.

Focusing on healing and taking better care of myself too has been a priority lately and postpartum is more serious than I ever realized. Discovering @this.isAnya was also meant to be! They gifted me a starter kit & sent a personalized letter, I was so touched! They are absolutely amazing!
I’ve been struggling to find a brands I love and it’s safe to say I’m super impressed and thankful this came at the most perfect time!
Thank you Universe, As I am open to receive all of these opportunities.

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